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July '05

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July '05 - Kusatsu Aquatic Botanical Garden!

This month's special is for the pond and water garden lovers. During a recent trip to the Kyoto region, my wife and I took a day to drive up to Lake Biwa (largest lake in Japan) just to enjoy the scenery and without knowing anything about what could be found over there. So imagine our surprise when we started seeing road signs advertising an Aquatic Botanical Garden! An incredible collection of over 100 lotus varieties, and a myriad of paths and walkways among water-loving plants for relaxation, contemplation and appreciation. What a find! :-)

507biwa1.jpg (40kb)

The Main Water Garden

The largest water garden in the complex is built in the typical Japanese style with arched bridges, but the plant collection is certainly unconventional and gives a general overview of what can be found throughout the complex.

507biwa2.jpg (28kb) 507biwa3.jpg (34kb)

507biwa4.jpg (33kb) 507biwa5.jpg (33kb)

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Photos taken by Marcos A. Avila and Raquel A. Ribeiro.
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