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February '05

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February '05 - Mike Kueny's 680 Liter Cichlid Tank. (USA)

Long-time hobbyist Mike Kueny seems to have a regular breeding program going on in this tank. But my attention was really focused on the outside. So there's a bar counter, a TV, a stereo rack and an awesome cichlid tank on the wall. What else does one need to live a happy life? :-)

Owner:Mike Kueny, 39, from Johnston IA (USA), 20 years of fishkeeping.
Setup:December 2003.
Volume: 680 liters (nominal).
Filtration:Tide pool and Magnum 350.
Lighting:Fluorescent, 6-8 hours a day.
Substrate:Crushed coral.
Water:Temp 26-27C, pH 8.0.
Maintenance:25% water change every week.
Comments:I have enjoyed this tank simply because of the maintenance. This tank is maintained from the back, where my furnace room is located. I have a drain right below the tank and hot and cold water above. This makes it so easy, the only thing I regret is not having made a bigger tank!

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Photos taken by Mike Kueny and displayed here with his permission.
 Tank 1   Tank 2   Tank 3   Tank 4 

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