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February '05

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502andreassen1.jpg (32kb)

February '05 - Roy Andreassen's 930 L Cichlid Tank. (Norway)

Roy had already inspired us in September 2002 with his huge and awesome 930 L planted discus tank, and now he's back in this section with his second (yes, second) 930 L tank, a rockscape in his living room. Now there's a house worth visiting! :-)

Owner:Roy Andreassen, 36, from Mosjoen (Norway), 8 years of fishkeeping.
Website:Roy's Aquasite
Volume: 930 liters (nominal).
Filtration:Eheim 3160 fountain pump.
Lighting:8x30 W fluorescents.
Comments:This tank was originally setup for Malawi cichlids, but now rooms several different types of cichlids. The stand is homemade of aluminum tubes which are cowered by wood. The water pump (Eheim 3160) lies behind the background inside the tank. The background is made by Back To Nature and looks very real.

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502andreassen3.jpg (45kb)

502andreassen2.jpg (31kb)

Photos taken by Roy Andreassen and displayed here with his permission.
 Tank 1   Tank 2   Tank 3   Tank 4 

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