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December '04

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December '04 - Aqua Design Amano General Headquarters!

412amano15m.jpg (38kb) 412amano13m.jpg (28kb)
The tank stands were also ADA made (they hide the filter and other equipment in the bottom compartment), and they all have little wheels so that they could be brought over to this locale on the right, which is the photo studio where the pictures are taken. The photographic equipment was incredibly sophisticated.

412amano16m.jpg (34kb) 412amano17m.jpg (44kb)
I was surprised to see two marine aquariums there...not only of freshwater aquariums lives Aqua Design Amano.

412amano19m.jpg (38kb) 412amano18m.jpg (27kb)
When I was almost leaving, Takashi Amano himself appeared. I could chat with him a little bit (helped by the Japanese translator because Amano doesn't speak English) and even take a photo. They had recently come back from the USA where he'd been a judge for the AGA 2004 contest. When he learned I was Brazilian he said he was glad to see many of us participating there and hopes to see even more next year, including in the ADA contest. He was still nice enough to find me a ride back to Niigata City, so I didn't have to pay another $50 for a taxi! ;-)

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Photos taken by Raquel A. Ribeiro and displayed here with her permission.
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