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December '04

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December '04 - Aqua Design Amano General Headquarters!

As luck would have it, on the last week of November my wife Raquel attended a physics conference in Niigata, where the General Headquarters for Aqua Design Amano (ADA) is located. She was under a tight schedule and the place was actually pretty far (45 minutes by taxi) but she skipped lunch one day to make a quick trip there since you just can't let an opportunity like this pass by. Here are some photos she could take over there (click on them if you want to see a larger version) and some quick comments...I hope they'll make you want to go visit the place as much as I did! :-)

412amano01m.jpg (28kb) 412amano03m.jpg (34kb)
When I arrived there, I was met by a very friendly Japanese employee who spoke English very well. He told me that the HQ was closed for visiting on that day, and they were also having lunch break. But since he saw me arriving by taxi, he let me in anyway to take some photos of the inside.

412amano02m.jpg (33kb) 412amano08m.jpg (33kb)
The place was impecably clean, everything seemed to be in its place. Right away, you can recognize several of the setups that we see in Amano's books and magazines. But we can also clearly see that the tanks haven't been set up just for a photograph, as some people like to speculate. They've been running for a long time and are quite mature, although obviously very well maintained.

412amano04m.jpg (44kb) 412amano05m.jpg (38kb)
When I arrived there was another employee doing a partial water change on this aquarium, that has a beautiful aquascape. But what really called my attention was the school of adult Red-Lined Torpedo Barbs (Puntius denisoni) that lived in it, a fish that's becoming very popular here in Japan. They were really lively and gave a special touch to this tank.

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Photos taken by Raquel A. Ribeiro and displayed here with her permission.
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