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September '04

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September '04 - J.W.Esselaar's 325 L Nature Aquarium. (Netherlands)

Best of Both Worlds! This is the result when a talented fishkeeper living in the land of the Dutch-style tanks decides to try his hand at creating an eastern Amano-style aquascape. The combination of a vast Riccia 'grazing field' with some orderly arranged bushes of stalk plants creates at the same time a striking and soothing effect. Complement this with the strong colors of Pigeon Blood Discus and a few schooling fish, and there's your recipe for a perfect setup!

Owner:Jan-Willem Esselaar, 38, from Amsterdam (Netherlands), 8 years of fishkeeping
Setup:September 2002
Dimensions:130x50x50 cm
Volume: 325 L (nominal), 280 L (effective)
Filtration:Eheim 2228, foam, ceramic stone, bio balls
Lighting:2x38 Watts Arcadia Fresh Water
Heating:Dennerle bottom heater cable
Substrate:Gravel and Laterite
Others:Dennerle CO2 difusor with pH monitor
Water:Temp 28C, pH 6.5, KH 3, GH 3
Fauna:3 Pigeon Blood Discus, 5 Corydoras panda, 4 Corydoras julii, 2 Ramirezi, 15 Dawn Tetras (Hyphessobrycon eos), 20 Amano Shrimp (Caridina japonica)
Flora:Echinodorus osiris, Anubias nana, Cryptocoryne wendtii 'red', Cryptocoryne wendtii 'green', Cryptocoryne balansae, Rotala macrandra, Hydrocotyle verticillata, Eustralis stellata, Micranthemum umbrosum, Riccia fluitans, Glossostigma elatinoides, Hygrophila corymbosa, Cyperus helferi.
Maintenance:Water change 1/3 every week (3 parts R.O. water, 1 part tap water); 10 ml Easy Life ProFito every day; Dennerle growth enhancer capsules once a week; Iron tablets every two weeks; Laterite balls next to hungry plants once every three months.
Comments:At first I had some difficulty with algae. Since Discus need a lot of food when they are young, I had trouble keeping the water right for the plants (too much nitrate). Now they have grown, I feed them only once a day with 1 cube of turkey heart (with colour enhancer and vitamins). All the other fish have to share. Now and then I supplement their diet with frozen artemia and mosquito larvae (red and white). I think the most important things in keeping a tank healthy is changing the water regularly and not feeding too much. I am a big fan of the Japanese aqua artist Takashi Amano. His books really got me into this hobby.

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Photos taken by Jan-Willem Esselaar and displayed here with his permission.

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