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July '04

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July '04 - Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium!

History repeats itself. In 2001, soon after I moved into the USA I went to visit the Chicago Shedd Aquarium and then posted my 'report' as August 2001's Tank of the Month. Now I've moved into Japan so here's my report showing some pics I took on my first visit to a major aquarium over here, the Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium. Instead of trying to show a bit of every underwater niche in the world, the Okinawa Aquarium focuses mostly on studying and exhibiting local habitats around the islands, and impresses visitors with the sheer size of the modern complex launched in 2002. The 'main tank' below has no less than THREE Whale Sharks plus hundreds of other sharks, rays and assorted open-water marine fish. It holds the record for the largest acrylic wall in the world: 22.5 meters long, 8.2 meters high and 60 cm thick! Be sure to visit their website for tons of other photos and info!

407okinawa1.jpg (38kb)
This photo doesn't even begin to give the idea of what it's like to be there in person!

407okinawa2.jpg (30kb)
So you thought YOU had trouble wiping algae off your tank glass...

407okinawa4.jpg (36kb)
This other acrylic dome goes well into the main tank so you can see the monsters from below!

407okinawa3.jpg (25kb)
These awesome Manta Rays would swim straight at you, turning just before hitting the glass.

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