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May '04

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May '04 - Lasse Christiansen's 580 Liter Tropheus Tank. (Denmark)

You have to really admire someone who's come to the point in the hobby where he's willing to go beyond the typical "assorted fish that I couldn't resist bringing home" population style, and dedicate a huge, awesome tank like this to one single species. A very interesting setup that's not only rare in its proposal, but also in the pleasant harmony of its final result. Very inspiring, Lasse!

Owner:Lasse Christiansen, 27, from Frederikshavn (Denmark), 5 years of fishkeeping.
Dimensions:160x60x60 cm.
Volume: 580 liters (nominal), ~530 liters (effective).
Filtration:Eheim 2226 and Fluval 3 internal.
Lighting:2x58 W Grolux fluorescents.
Heating:Jäger 250 Watts.
Substrate:4 cm layer of 1 mm size coarse sand.
Decoration:Pangea "Rocky II" background, Fethi stone.
Water:Temp. 26°C; pH 7.8.
Maintenance:Water change 30% per week.
Fauna:27 wildcaught Tropheus duboisi.
Flora:Vallisneria, Anubias nana, Cryptocoryne crispatula var. balansae.

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Photo taken by Lasse Christiansen and displayed here with his permission.
 Tank 1   Tank 2   Tank 3   Tank 4 

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