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May '04

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May '04 - Paulo Fernandes's 660 Liter Discus and Altums Tank. (Portugal)

The main goal of this 3 year old setup is to provide a good, spacious environment for Paulo's large collection of Discus and Altums. It's clear, from the exuberant development and heltth of the fish in these photos, that they've been very well cared for and love their ample home!

Owner:Paulo Fernandes, 40, from Massamá-Queluz (Portugal), 7 years of fishkeeping.
Setup:December 2000.
Dimensions:200x55x60 cm.
Volume: 660 liters (nominal).
Filtration:Eheim 2210 + Eheim Professional.
Lighting:4x40 W fluorescents: 2 Flora-Glo + 2 Lite-Glo, 10 hours per day.
Heating:2x300 W.
Substrate:4-5 cm river gravel.
Decoration:Beach rocks, 2 pieces of driftwood.
Water: Temp. 29ºC; pH 6.5.
Fauna:5 Blue Diamond Discus, 7 Pingeon Blood Discus, 6 Red Turquoise Discus, 1 White Pingeon Discus, 3 Bright Blue Discus, 2 Snake Skin Discus, 1 Red Spotted Green Discus, 4 Alenquer Discus and 6 Altums Angels, 4 Clown Loaches, 4 Assorted Cories and 15 Buenos Aires Tetras.
Flora:Valisnerias, Lanceolate Anubias, Dwarf Anubias.
Maintenance:20% water changes twice a week, gravel vacuuming every week, Val pruning every month.
Comments:This is the ex libris aquarium here at home since it's located right at the entrance (I own other tanks with 1 meter and 40 cm). My main concern, and what I consider the "key to success", is the cleaning/water changes and feeding that I make myself, based on beefheart/shrimp/spinach and vitamins (home recipe). Besides this, a systematic observation of the fish and judicious/timely interventions are fundamental, and I mean fundamental because I'm rather careless monitoring the water parameters. I'm very careful with the introduction of new inhabitants in the tank, since I've already had the unpleasant experience of losing 12 adult Discus during the Discus Plague aobut 4 years ago. The plants are secondary here because the quantity of fish and their respective feeding, together with the lack of CO2 injectino and fertilizers, doesn't allow me to have very well treated plants. My greatest achievement with this tank was the breeding of a Red Turquoise Discus couple (with an absolutely handmade separation) of which I still keep 3 offspring.

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405paulo2.jpg (22kb) 405paulo3.jpg (25kb)

Closeup of the Altums and Discus and their elegant shapes and colors.

Photos taken by João Vasco for Paulo Fernandes and displayed here with her permission.
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