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May '04

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May '04 - Planted Giants!

An Open-Top tank, a Dutch tank, a Discus/Altum tank and a Tropheus tank...what do these four setups below have in common? They're planted, they're HUGE and everybody wishes they had at least one of them! Owning a large (500+ liters) tank is the dream of almost any enthusiast, so let's learn from a few fishkeepers who were fortunate enough to realize the dream what it's like to have one. The only thing to regret is that photos of large tanks like these never do justice to the impact they cause when seen for real, but I'm sure you'll enjoy seeing them here anyway!

Tank 1 Tank 2
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Gustavo Pereira - 750 L - Brazil
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Herman Briké - 600 L - Belgium
Tank 3 Tank 4
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Paulo Fernandes - 660 L - Portugal
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Lasse Christiansen - 580 L - Denmark

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Photos taken by their respective authors and displayed here with their permission.

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