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January '04

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Photos & Descriptions

Tank 3 - TRUE! :-) 401camille1.jpg (36kb)

January '04 - Camille Williams's 38 Liter FOWLR Tank. (USA)

The use in the home aquarium of live rock - pieces of coral extracted or cultivated in natural reefs, that bring into the tank a good portion of the natural microscopic bio-diversity that thrives in such an environment - has improved the general quality and stability of the tank water, and also allowed smaller marine tanks to become more viable. Thus, a new style in marine fishkeeping became more popular - Fish-Only With Live Rock (FOWLR) - which takes advantage of such improvements and yet does not require the same investment level as the full, modern-style reef tank. Still, maintaining stability in a small marine tank like Camille Williams's is far from being a trivial issue. This is her first marine tank and she says she's already lost both damselfish shown in the photo.

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Photo taken by Camille Williams and displayed here with her permission.

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