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January '04

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January '04 - Marine: True or False?

OK, this is my last month without a home internet connection...I've finally got one up and running again after the move, so next month we're hopefully back to our normal programming. For this month I've prepared a little quiz just for fun: can you look at the four photos below and guess which ones are true marine tanks (if any) and which are 'false marine' tanks (if any)? False Marine tanks are those that use marine decoration in freshwater setups in order to get the look and feel of a marine tank at a fraction of the cost it would take to have a true marine setup. Due to the effect of these marine objects in the water chemistry - causing pH and hardness to become very high - this type of setup restricts the choice of freshwater fish that can live well in it. Usually African Rift Lake Cichlids are chosen because this type of water is similar to their original environment. Click on each image below to find the answer!

Tank 1 Tank 2
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Francisco Ribeiro Jr. - Brazil
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Jeff Haynes - USA
Tank 3 Tank 4
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Camille Williams - USA
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Mauricio Soares - Brazil

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