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December '03

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December '03 - Fully Planted Tanks

These are examples of what can be considered the 'current trend' in aquascaping, boosted by the understanding of what is necessary to make plants grow like crazy in the aquarium. The tanks are essentially 100% planted with little or no room for rocks or driftwood. As long as there's a single grain of gravel receiving direct lighting the owners are thinking about what species to put there! :-)

312jaske1.jpg (25kb)
Satu Jaske - Liters - Finland

312jaske1.jpg (41kb)
Chris Duffy - 100 Liters - USA

"This setup started out as a fish tank without much education on fishless cycling, but then after trips to the web and the LFS I took over the tank project from my girlfriend. Plants arrived and I destroyed many. I learned about nutrients and the demands of different plants through this website and through my tank. I started with a gravel substrate and have added clay in the form of balls as needed, liquid fertilizers such as the Kent Grow and Nitro+ and Natural Gold (Iron + trace) are added. DIY CO2 in the form of soda bottle and the Hagen system have both been successfully employed. The Hagen system doesn't last as long as it says it will, that is with the output I want. I try my best to alternate 2 weeks with the DIY and 2 alternating weeks with the Hagen CO2. Recently, since I know I can grow plants, I have turned my attention to aquascaping. The Ozelot sword to the left used to occupy 2/3 of the tank and reside in the center. I received it almost dead via mail order and the roots restored the plant. Now I want to remove it, but I can't think of what to add to the left side to replace it. Fauna is 1 Oto, 1 SAE, 2 Angels, 5 Rasboras, 2 Cardinals, 5 Amano Shrimp. Lighting is 4x15 W Philips Daylight screw in 5000K CF outdoor bulbs available at my local hardware store. Tips: patience is required for mail orders, as nursing is often required to get the plants back to where they should be. Also, they may be covered with algae so cut them, be nice to them and be patient. Start with healthy gravel, learn to grow, then learn to scape. If you're in college, take an introductory biology class for majors and keep a tank, they will supplement each other. Get a high-speed connection, the web has been so helpful!" - Chris Duffy

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Photos taken by their respective authors and displayed here with their permission.

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