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December '03

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Photos & Descriptions

December '03 - Medium Planted Tanks

These setups are meant to achieve a good balance between plants, rocks, driftwood and open spaces. The possibilities here are endless, limited only by the owner's imagination and efforts!

312dominy1.jpg (25kb)
Gareth Dominy - 500 Liters - Canada

This is one of the most interesting layouts based on flat rocks I've ever seen. One can only imagine how much fun that group of Clown Loaches has exploring all these little crevices. The plants look like they should eventually fill in and the tank will become a densely planted one, but I really liked the balance that was achieved at the time of this photo. For further details on this tank and others visit Gareth's website - Marcos Avila

312cotter1.jpg (22kb)
Cerven Cotter - 200 Liter - South Africa

Dimensions:100x45x45 cm.
Filtration:1x AquaClear 300, 1x Rena internal filter.
Heating:1x300 W (27C).
Flora:Mostly Java Fern and Amazon Swords.
Fauna:This is intended as a grow out tank for the Oscar, Pleco, and a few others who will be moving to a 680 Liter tank after a few months.

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Photos taken by their respective authors and displayed here with their permission.

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