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December '03

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Photos & Descriptions

December '03 - Sparsely Planted Tanks

These setups are probably much closer to the 'typical' biotopes one will find when diving in a random river or lake, and making them look interesting can be quite a challenge. These two hobbyists put their creativity to work and did a really great job!

312barilari1.jpg (28kb)
Sebastián Barilari - 800 Liters - Uruguay

Dimensions:170x80x60 cm.
Filtration:Dry-Wet with 130 L sump and Resun SP-8000A pump (2400 L/h).
Lighting:About 200 W in fluorescent lighting.
Substrate:Gravel covered with sand.
Flora:In the photo, only Elodea. Later on some more species were added.

312geddes1.jpg (38kb)
Gary Geddes - 300 Liters - Canada

"This is my father's tank, Gary Geddes. It's a 300 L freshwater tank with mostly Java ferns, some Bolbitis Ferns going in and a huge piece of log we pulled out of the Fraser River in British Columbia, Canada. The tank is located in Surrey BC, Canada. It's populated with Neons, Endler's Livebearers, Red Nose Tiger Barbs, SAE's, Otos and others. The tank completely maintains itself as most of the fish are not simply "poo creaters" but have a job in the tank, especially the Endlers - they do an exceptional job of picking at the algae and form a large part of the algae squad in the tank. It has an Eheim Filter, and a 150 W High Output Compact Flourescent. The log was a huge mess of rotted wood and detritus, but we took it to the local spray car wash and hosed it down with the pressure washer to reveal some amazing colour and design patterns. After letting it soak in a dilluted water/bleach bathtub the colours came alive and look amazing in the tank with about every variation of brown thinkable. You can't tell by the picture, but there is a large opening in the centre that the fish can swim through. Breeding is prolific, and the fish seem to love it. The Java Ferns, after being simply placed into crevices on the log (all were about 3 cm tall) have grown right into the log and propogated fantastically." - Kyle Geddes

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Photos taken by their respective authors and displayed here with their permission.

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