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September '03

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Photos & Descriptions

309yetko1.jpg (26kb)

September '03 - Brian Yetko's 110 L 'Art Deco' Tank. (USA)

Every now and then I get a complaint from visitors accusing me of never showing tanks with fake plants, so here it is! Whereas my personal preference and that of many other hobbyists is indeed to try to make a tank look as 'natural' as possible, there's really nothing wrong with going the other way, considering that many times the fish tank is primarily meant as part of a room's decoration. Regardless of what some extremists may claim, the fish don't really care about 'fakeness' as long as the water quality is good and their basic requirements are met. I thought the decoration of this colorful community tank owned by American hobbyist Brian Yetko was really well done. It looks like a scene taken right out of some underwater Disney movie! :-)

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Photos taken by Brian Yetko and displayed here with his permission.

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