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September '03

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Photos & Descriptions

309davelaine1.jpg (26kb)

September '03 - David and Elaine's 300 L Planted Tank. (Indonesia)

This is a large and very interesting setup to me. Since the plant colors are mostly the same, the rich aquascape in this tank was achieved almost exclusively using contrasts between differently shaped species, and a very good distribution of open spaces in between densely planted regions. The lush Java Fern growth on the right demonstrates how awesome this common and hardy plant can become when given ideal conditions and time. I really like the lighting effect of the mercury lamp over it as well. A group of Cardinal Tetras make up the main population. Notice how you don't need large fish in a large tank to get a good effect...a school of small ones makes the aquascape look even more impressive!

The owners of this tank are David and Elaine from Indonesia (adding one more country to our extensive collection in this section). It's a 300 liter tank with two 120 W mercury lamps (8 hours/day) and CO2 injection (60 bubbles/minute). Typical water parameters are Temp 25C, pH 6.8, GH 7, KH 9, Fe 0.05-0.2 ppm, PO4 0.5 ppm. Half of the water is changed every week.

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309davelaine2.jpg (38kb)
Notice the variety of plant shapes

Photos taken by David and Elaine and displayed here with their permission.

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