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August '03

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Photos & Descriptions

308penna1.jpg (31kb)

August '03 - Andrea Penna's 20 L Nano Garden. (Italy)

What a great little tank! The small, fine-leaf plants carefully chosen and arranged here in a diagonal 'part-jungle, part-carpet' layout give the impression of a much larger tank than it really is, and the fast-growing red-tipped Rotalas make an awesome contrast against the bright green surrounding plants. Be sure to visit Andrea's website containing dozens of other wonderful images detailing this tank!

Owner:Andrea Penna (Italy)
Website:Bonsai - un acquario da 20L
Setup:April 2002
Dimensions:42x23x21 cm
Volume: 20 L (nominal)
Filtration:Millennium 1000
Lighting:3x11 Watts Compact Fluorescents: Osram Dulux S 860/11, 1x8 W Neon (2700 K)
Substrate:Akadama, Scott Osmocote for Lemon and Orange
Decoration:3 small volcanic rocks
Others:CO2 Askoll system, rechargeable, 10 bubbles/min. Timer 10/11/12 hours/day for "sunrise and sunset" atmosphere
Water: pH 6.5-6.8. KH 2, GH 5, NO2 0, NO3 0, Fe 0, PO4 0
Fauna:8 Paracheirodon innesi, 7 Caridina japonica, 2 Neocaridina sp.'I'
Flora:Glossostigma elatinoides; Eleocharis acicularis; Riccia fluitans; Hemianthus micranthemoides; Lilaeopsis novaezealandiae; Rotala rotundifolia; Rotala rotundifolia 'Green'; Vesicularia dubyana; Christmas Moss.
Maintenance:Water change 25% per week (KH 2, GH 5), 1 liter osmotic water every 2-3 days, Elos line Fase1, Fase2 and K40, alternating the three 1 ml per day
Comments:For me it is very easy to manage this tank. The secret is to be patient and a good observer of your tank to understand what is happening inside. In my website I have a "diary" I wrote in italian language, and some technical and graphical data pages that may be useful.

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308penna2.jpg (38kb)
Millennium water flow is across the front

Photos taken by Andrea Penna and displayed here with his permission.

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