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July '03

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Photos & Descriptions

307monteiro1.jpg (41kb)

July '03 - José Monteiro's 1500 L Reef Tank. (Brazil)

This luxurious setup is owned by a veteran Brazilian aquarist who was one of the first to set up modern reef tanks in his country, back in the 80's. This tank has served as example and inspiration to many Brazilian reefers, and hopefully will now do the same for reefers worldwide! Unfortunately I was unable to reestablish contact with José after he submitted the tank, so I invited one of our board moderators to make comments instead.

Owner:José Monteiro, from São Paulo (Brazil)
Website:Aquário de José Monteiro
Setup:September 1999
Dimensions:250x80x75 cm
Volume: 1.500 L (nominal) + 300 L (sump)
Filtration:Jaubert system, sump with Iwaki 100RT pump, 2 skimmers with Maxiair Ultralife air pumps and Eheim 1060 water pumps, 1 skimmer Tunze 3160/2
Circulation:5 Turbelle eletronic 7400/2 pumps hooked to Tunze Multicontroller, 2 Maxijet 1200 powerheads hooked to Red Sea wavemaker
Lighting: 4x400 W HQI spotlights using 13000 K aqualine bulbs on for 12 hours, 2x140 W VHO actinic URI on for 14 hours.
Substrate:25 cm Samoa Pink aragonite sand mixed with halimeda
Decoration:150 kg live rock from Recife (Brazil)
Water:RO/DI water plus Red Sea aquarium salt, Temp 25°C, pH 8.2-8.4, density 1024, salinity 44.5 mS, ORP 400 mV, calcium 400 ppm, NO3 0 ppm, PO4 0.01 ppm, alkalinity 3.2 meq/L
Others:Knop calcium reactor with Tunze media and 60 bubbles/second CO2 dosage, Red Sea ozonizer dosing 50 mg/h in Ultralife ozone reactor, Ultralife 40 W UV unit, Gelaqua 1 hp chiller
Fauna:Assortment of Tangs, Clowns, Wrasses, Damsels, Foxface, Flame Angel, and others
Corals:see website.
Maintenance:150 L monthly water change, Knop KHplus 100 ml/week, Flake Food twice a day

This setup by José Monteiro can be considered a true work of art for its beauty and exuberance. The corals are carefully distributed according to their lighting and current requirements. The strong circulation at the surface can be observed in the photos. The careful arrangement of rocks causes dampening of the currents in the deeper regions, where there's a predominance of soft corals and LPS. The beauty and vitality of the SPS collection is worth noting, especially the beautiful Acropora formosa near the top center of the tank. I also call attention to the size of the Tridacna positioned on the substrate on the frontal left part. The fish complete the artwork, bringing their own colors, offering a beautiful contrast with the colorful corals behind them. (Invited comment by Marcos Bizeto).

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307monteiro2.jpg (32kb)
Closeup of some corals and fishes

Photos taken by José Monteiro and displayed here with his permission.

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