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July '03

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July '03 - Miguel Manriquez's 50 L Nature Aquarium. (Chile)

To begin this new Tank of the Month format divided by category, nothing better than a 'pure' planted tank! This beautiful aquatic garden has no fish in it, only a few shrimp to do the fine cleaning. Note the powerful contrast between the tall red plants on the right, tall green plants on the left, and Glossostigma carpet up front. Very well done!

Owner:Miguel Manriquez, 30, from Santiago (Chile), 20 years of fishkeeping
Website:Asociación Chilena de Acuarismo
Setup:January 2003
Dimensions:50x30x35 cm
Volume: 52,5 L (nominal), 45 L (effective)
Filtration:Aquaclear 300, sponge only, set to minimum flow
Lighting:4 Compact Fluorescents: 2x18 Watts 3200 K, 2x22 Watts 6400 K
Heating:Sera 50 Watts.
Substrate:5 cm layer of Plain Gravel (2 mm), 1 cm Clay
Decoration:Petrified Wood
Others:DIY CO2 injector, Timer 10 hours/day
Water: Temp 26°C, pH 6.8-7.0. KH 6, GH 12, NO3 5 ppm
Fauna:4 Ghost Shrimp
Flora:Eleocharis sp., Lilaeopsis brasiliensis, Anubias nana, Cryptocoryne crispatula, Rotala rotundifolia, Rotala wallichii, Glossostigma elatinoides, Amazon Sword, Echinodorus "ozelot", Ludwigia repens, Althernathera reineckii, Hygrophila polysperma, Heteranthera zosterifolia.
Maintenance:Water change 20% per week (distilled water), Seachem Flourish 0.2 ml/day, Seachem Flourish Iron 0.1 ml/day, Aquatic Landscapes Formula K 2 ml/day, Seachem Flourish Trace 0,4 ml/day, KNO3 as needed, CO2 yeast mix replacement every 2 weeks.
Comments:This tank was intended primarily as a Glossostigma only tank. I introduced some fast growing plants to keep balance at the beginning but I liked the result so they stayed. Almost all of the plants in this tank are very uncommon in my country, so it is kind of unique. It has been a very rewarding experience keeping it. It has never showed any sign of algae, not even in the first weeks. I'm very proud of it!

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307manriquez1.jpg (37kb)
Red Plants Closeup

Photos taken by Miguel Manriquez and displayed here with his permission.

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