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July '03

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July '03 - Tank of the Month Super Sampler!

As you may have noticed, due to the huge number of excellent submissions I'm always trying to find ways to show more than one tank every month, while also trying to vary the choices among all different styles in our hobby. So here's my solution for the sixth year of this section: a Super Sampler every month, featuring at least 4 setups according to the categories below. As long as great submissions keep on coming in, that's how it's going to be...enjoy!

Planted Cichlid
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Miguel Manriquez - 60 L - Chile
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Kevin Bogs - 225 L - USA
Marine Other
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Josť Monteiro - 1500 L - Brazil
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Michael Khor - 40 L - Australia

If you'd like to submit an aquarium for Tank of the Month, just contact me.

Photos taken by their respective authors and displayed here with their permission.

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