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June '03

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Photos & Descriptions

June '03 - 5th Anniversary Super Special!

June 1998: After having added all the personal tanks I owned at the time to the Setups sections of this site, I decided to go take some photos of a friend's beautiful reef tank at his fish shop and put them in a new Tank of the Month section where I planned to show other fishkeepers' styles, experiences and accomplishments. Five years and 150 fish tanks later, the section has grown to become the largest, longest-lived and most successful feature of its kind in the world! Obviously, major celebration is in order, so here's a collection of 50 more tanks that were submitted during this period but did not make their way into the Tank of the Month pages. Thanks to everyone for participating, and if you don't see your submitted tank here don't be's among the 70 other tanks still waiting to be featured along the sixth year! Due to the massive number of images, a smaller version of each will appear on the pages, but if you want to see more details of a particular tank you can click on it to get a larger image.

h3kamath1.jpg (20kb) h3liato1.jpg (25kb)
Sunil Kamath - 57 liters - Japan. Hendri Liato - Singapore.

h3tertishniy1.jpg (25kb) h3karatas1.jpg (24kb)
Sergey Tertishniy - 300 liters - Israel. Hakan Karatas - 600 liters - Turkey.

h3ouimet1.jpg (22kb) h3popov1.jpg (27kb)
Olivier Ouimet - 250 liters - France. Georgi Popov - 115 liters - Bulgaria.

h3camua1.jpg (16kb) h3chua1.jpg (20kb)
Vincent Camua - 500 liters - Philippines. Vincent Chua - Philippines.

h3flynn1.jpg (23kb) h3damobel1.jpg (25kb)
Lynn Flynn - 200 liters - Australia. Damian & Belinda - 180 liters - Australia.

If you'd like to submit an aquarium for Tank of the Month, just contact me.

Photos taken by their respective authors and displayed here with their permission.

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