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May '03

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May '03 - Community Collection II

In June this Tank of the Month section celebrates its fifth anniversary, having grown to be the largest, oldest and most successful feature of its kind in the world. A single month is not enough to celebrate this landmark, so we're going to span the celebration over the next 3 months and start right now with a pre-anniversary special, featuring a collection of very nice community tanks that are within reach of any fishkeeper. I'm often accused of choosing tanks that are too advanced or difficult to maintain for this section, so here's the counter balance :-). Community tanks are by far the most popular choice in the hobby, and as long as compatibility issues are considered (the best way is to stick close to the "average" in all aspects of the setup: medium sized tank, medium planted, small-medium sized fish, reasonably peaceful and tolerant species, pH close to neutral, medium hardness, and so on) with a little research and a touch of creativity you can come up with some really nice and rewarding setups, such as the fine examples shown below!

cc2cillana1.jpg (23kb)
Lisa Applebaum's 200 Liter Community (USA)

cc2darren1.jpg (23kb)
Darren Durwood's 200 Liter Community (Australia)

cc2dadado1.jpg (26kb)
Carlos Eduardo's 150 Liter Community (Brazil)

cc2leirkjaer1.jpg (25kb)
Morten Leirkjśr's 105 L Community (Norway)

cc2carminato1.jpg (32kb)
Fabio Carminato's 70 L Community (Brazil)

If you'd like to submit an aquarium for Tank of the Month, just contact me.

Photos taken by their respective authors and displayed here with their permission.

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