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March '03

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Photos & Descriptions

charlesyu1.jpg (24kb)

March '03 - Charles Yu's 200 L Nature Aquarium. (USA)

This month's featured tank is the aquarium manifestation of the Mens sana in corpore sano concept. A beautifully aquascaped, well balanced setup lives inside the acrylic walls of an elegant black tank stand, which blends in perfectly as the focal point of the living room decoration. Even among the most experienced hobbyists it is very rare to see such careful attention to every detail of a setup all the way to its photography, so congratulations to the owner Charles Yu and thanks for an inspiring example. Charles was also kind enough to submit a detailed description of his setup, so I pass the word to him:

"This is a 200 liter acrylic tank. Lighting is 2x55 W, 6400K AHsupply compact flourescent retrofit kits, on for 12 hours a day. CO2 is injected with 2x2 liter soda bottle DIY generators and a good reactor. I change bottles every month, and am looking to get a cylinder/regulator system. Filter on tank is an Eheim 2224 with the standard mech/bio media. There's also an AquaClear 204 powerhead with Quickfilter stuffed full of polyester batting for extra mechanical filtration. The tank was setup in early December of 2001. Plants have grown nicely since then, despite some attacks of hair and slime algae which destroyed a nice patch of Riccia. Livestock is 4 neon tetras, 16 cardinal tetras, 3 Angelfish, 4 SAE's, 3 Otos, 3 Cories. Maintenance consists of weekly 40% water changes, and a bit of pruning/wiping. I do not use fertilizers, and only feed every other day. I have found that having moderate light lets me not worry much about nutrients and unbalancing while still having moderate growth on all plants. Having higher light levels demands that the aquarist carefully monitor the nutrient situation and can cause algae blooms if any necessary nutrients for plants run out. Also, with these moderate light tanks, water changes are nothing but good news. They bring in micronutrients and keeps algae at bay." - Charles.

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charlesyu2.jpg (20kb)

Who wouldn't want a tank like this in their living room?

Photos taken by Charles Yu, and displayed here with his with permission.

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