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February '03

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February '03 - Discus Delight II

It's almost impossible to see a cute little Discus for sale in a fish shop and not want to take it home, but this is not the type of fish you want to buy on impulse. They grow to 20 cm, like to live in groups, can be quite picky and demanding, and will often do very poorly in less than pristine water conditions, so a large, well balanced tank is very important. Here are 4 well set-up tanks in the 200-300 liter range, generally considered the minimum recommendable size for keeping a healthy group of Discus.

dd2porral1.jpg (38kb)
André Porral´s 275 L Discus Tank (Brazil)
2x Millennium 2000, 3x30W fluorescent (11 hours/day), pH 6.4, Temp 29-30°C, Laterite, Florapride,
CO2, 15% weekly water change, frozen brine shrimp and Tetra Discus.

dd2lamy1.jpg (27kb)
Jorge Lamy´s 216 L Discus Tank (Portugal)
Eheim 2224, 30W Aqua-Glo + 30W Flora-Glo (12 hours/day), pH 6.6, Temp 29°C, CO2,
20% water change every 2 days, a variety of flake, dried and fresh foods.

dd2cousins1.jpg (16kb)
Chris Cousins´s 200 L Discus Tank (England)
Eheim 2329 + Rena 406 + UGF, 2x36W fluorescent, pH 6.8, KH 3.

dd2mota1.jpg (22kb)
Carlos Mota´s 240 L Discus Tank (Portugal)
Fluval 304 + UGF.

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