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January '03

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January '03 - rjan Thune's 800 L Built-In Tank. (Norway)

Just about every aquarium enthusiast dreams of someday having a big, beautiful fish tank built into a wall of his/her home, but very few of us ever get there. Norwegian aquarist rjan Thune is one of these few, and January's Tank of the Month not only pays homage to his initiative and effort, but hopefully will give a final push on some other aquarists throughout the world who may be on the verge of taking the first step towards such a wonderful accomplishment!

orjan3.jpg (7kb) orjan4.jpg (10kb)
View from both rooms divided by the tank wall.

This 800 liter beauty was built into the wall that divides two rooms in rjan's home, so that it can be viewed from both sides. He chose a planted tank with a South American themed population of Angelfish, Rams and Tetras. rjan designed and executed just about every step of this venture himself...from cutting the wall, to assemblying a homemade sump/filtration system, to actually creating styrofoam terraces for decoration! Many more photos of the construction phase and final results can be seen at his personal website, be sure to visit!

If you'd like to submit an aquarium for Tank of the Month, just contact me.

orjan5.jpg (7kb) orjan6.jpg (7kb) orjan7.jpg (14kb)
Building styrofoam terraces for the left and right ends.

Photos taken by rjan Thune, and displayed here with his with permission.

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