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October '02

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October '02 - Forest Frenzy II!

The 'planted tank bug' has definitely spread and bitten hobbyists from all over the world! Since plant 'overcrowding' is not a problem (in contrast with fish overcrowding which is almost always disastrous), some people just can't get enough plants in their tanks! Here are four more fine examples of almost 100% planted setups...enjoy!

ff2tiina1.jpg (38kb)
Tiina Anen´s 140 L Planted Tank. (Finland)

ffisoft1.jpg (40kb)
Andy Isoft´s 200 L Planted Tank. (Russia)

ff2strahinja1.jpg (47kb)
Strahinja Andrejevich´s Planted Tank. (Yugoslavia)

ff2ahf1.jpg (38kb)
AHF´s 100 L Planted Tank. (USA)

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Photos taken by their respective authors and displayed here with their permission.

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