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September '02

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Photos & Descriptions

roy1.jpg (31kb)

September '02 - Roy Andreassen's 930 L Planted Discus Tank. (Norway)

The 'King of the Aquarium' deserves no less than a palace to live in! And this month's tank is an excellent example of just one such home. Created by Norwegian aquarist Roy Andreassen, this huge aquarium was taylored to give them all the room, the companions and the water quality they need to thrive in. And the group of exuberant Discus variants, together with some Loaches and Siamese Algae Eaters, reward the owner's effort by displaying their full colors and natural behavior to him every day.

roy3.jpg (20kb)

But, despite the beautiful fish, what really makes this setup stand out (at least to me) is the very creative and successful aquascape that Roy has accomplished, even more so considering the sheer size of the tank and the fact that he essentially used only THREE different plant species in his composition: Rotala indica in the background, Java Moss tied to driftwood, rocks and grids along the front, and a touch of Anubias for some contrast. Amazing! For more photos and info on this tank and others, be sure to visit Roy's Aquasite. Here are some more details written by Roy himself: "The aquarium is lighted by 8x30 W and 2x58 W fluorescent tubes. The brand of the tubes is Sylvania Grolux. The plants are fertilized by my own plant mix. The CO2 bottle holds 20 kg of gas, and the regulator is made by AGA. I do weekly 20% water changes."

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roy2.jpg (36kb)
Earlier photo, before the Java Moss spread completely.

Photos taken by Roy Andreassen, and displayed here with his with permission.

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