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August '01

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Photos & Descriptions

August '01 - Chicago Shedd Aquarium!

This section is all about beautiful, inspiring setups, and ideas for visitors to create or improve their own home aquariums. Well, after taking a trip to Chicago and visiting the Shedd Aquarium, I can safely say that I had never been so awed and inspired with so many incredible setups in a single place! Despite the fact that the general lighting didn't favor photography too much, I was able to shoot more than 100 photos in there, and here's a small collection of what I got. To be honest, none of them even closely make justice to the real thing, so if you're ever in the Chicago area, go see for yourself and get ready for an unforgettable experience!

shedd1a.jpg (26kb)
My wife beside one of the many Amazon River Biotopes

shedd1b.jpg (23kb)
This Asian Biotope is HUGE and loaded with very cool fish

shedd1c.jpg (23kb)
Too bad most African Biotopes didn't have enough light for a good shot.

shedd1d.jpg (27kb)
This Asian Brackish tank is incredible: plants and corals together!

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