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June '01 - Week 4

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Photos & Descriptions

June '01 - Week 4 - 3rd Anniversary Super Special.

There are still over 30 tanks waiting to be featured in the fourth year. Keep them coming!

hoferreira1.jpg (20kb)
Nelson Ferreira's 120 Liter Community Tank (Portugal)

hoalex1.jpg (13kb)
Alex's 100 Liter Community Tank (Portugal)

horandall2.jpg (23kb)
JoLana Randall's Community Tank (USA)

homauro1.jpg (14kb)
Josť Mauro's 350 Liter Community Tank (Brazil)

hobilly1.jpg (19kb)
Billy Helterband's 300 Liter Cichlid Tank (USA)

If you'd like to submit an aquarium for Tank of the Month, just contact me.

Photos taken by their respective authors and displayed here with their permission.

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