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June '01 - Week 1

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June '01 - Week 1 - 3rd Anniversary Super Special.

This section completes its third year of existence and is by far the longest lived and most successful TOTM feature in the world! Despite my effort to show more than one tank per month during the last year or so, tank submissions just keep building up! So for this anniversary celebration I'm showing no less than TWENTY nice tanks that didn't make it as TOTM's, but still deserve to be shown. Thanks to all the owners of these Honorable Mentions for participating! I was going to display one page per week, but since they were all ready I decided to put them all up together. Enjoy!

hoshawna1.jpg (28kb)
Shawna's 20 Liter Dwarf Puffer Tank (USA)

holynn1.jpg (19kb)
Lynn Smith's 40 L Community Tank (USA)

hobudi1.jpg (27kb)
Budi Prasodjo's 65 Liter Community Tank (Indonesia)

homilo1.jpg (16kb)
Milo's 12 Liter Guppy Tank (USA)

hocharlie1.jpg (16kb)
Charlie Albanetti's 75 Liter Asian Tank (USA)

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Photos taken by their respective authors and displayed here with their permission.

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