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February '01

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February '01 - Forest Frenzy!

One of the most enjoyable aspects of planted tanks is that, unlike fish, you can overcrowd your tank with plants at leisure! Here are three wonderful examples of almost 100% planted tanks...enjoy!

ffleung1.jpg (57kb)
Eric Leung´s 320 L Planted Tank
Other photos and tank info at his great website cyber-aquaria. (USA)

ffisoft1.jpg (41kb)
Andy Isoft´s LONG Planted Tank
The tank is almost twice as long as this photo. You can see more at his web site. (Russia)

ffgadd1.jpg (43kb)
Chuck Gadd´s 280 L Planted Tank
Many other photos and tank info at his Planted Aquarium Pages. (USA)

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Photos taken by their respective authors and displayed here with their permission.

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