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December '00

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December '00 - Thiago Somera's 200 Liter Reef Aquarium.

Exactly one year later, itīs my pleasure to show once again this setup by my personal Brazilian friend Thiago Somera. Thiago is an enthusiastic and dedicated marine hobbyist, one of those who are never satisfied with their setups and are always searching for new species for their collections. Besides the many new creatures, the tank was significantly redesigned in February this year, which justifies its reappearance here in this section. Despite the great number of species, he is always careful to keep a harmonic layout, and not only a bunch of creatures piled up on a wall of live rock, an error frequently made by reefers. This tank is located in his bedroom in Campinas (Brazil), and a few months ago I went to visit him and had the opportunity to take these great photos. Many of the coral species were also photographed individually, and will be the starting point of the new Coral Gallery soon to be launched on the site. Since I still donīt know much about reefs, Iīll pass the word to the owner for description and comments about this setup:

Dimensions: 100x40x50 cm
Volume: 200 L
Filtration: Berlin Classic Skimmer with Mag Drive 700
Lighting: 3 HQI's, being 2 10000K (70W) and 1 20000K (150W)
Temperature Control: Teco RA 200 Chiller
Substrate: Undergravel Denitrifier with 10 cm of medium granularity Halimede.
Decoration: Some live rock (25 kg), corals and sponges.
pH: 8,35 (day) 8,20 (night)
KH: 2.2 meq/L
Salinity: 1026 ppm
Nitrate: 0,2
Temperature: 27°C in the summer, 26°C in the rest of the year.
Coral Population: Thereīs a lot of critters, about 40 different species. Main features are the Acroporas (8 types) and the other small polyp corals. Thereīs also a Yellow Tonga Leather which in my opinion is the most beautiful animal in the tank, a Giant Fine Grape and a Fox, and a Tridacna Derasa Gold among other rarities.
Fish Population: 4 Green Chromis, 1 Blue Reef Chromis, 1 Blue Mandarin, 1 Japanese Wrasse, 1 Neon Goby and 1 small Rock Beauty (donīt try this at home folks, itīs too risky!)
Maintenance Routines: 10% monthly water change, daily addition of kalkwasser in the water replacement, and 10 ml Koralvit Combi.
Ownerīs Tips: for marine aquarists interested in reefs, just a little advice: careful with the fish you add, and be more attentive to the aesthetics of the tank. Donīt just pile up the rocks in the back...learn how to make a nice aquascape, just as in the sea, but in smaller proportion. The placement and distribution of the animals is also very important.

If you'd like to submit an aquarium for Tank of the Month, just contact me.

thiago5.jpg (21kb)
Cool Fish
thiago4.jpg (20kb)
Cool Corals

thiago1.jpg (38kb)
Cool Setup!

Photos taken by Marcos A. Avila, with permission of Thiago Somera.

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