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October '00

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October '00 - Chu Chong's 400 Liter Nature Aquarium.

For October were back to Aquatic Gardening, this time showing a good example of an 'Amano Style' Nature Aquarium, which allows us to make an enlightening style contrast with last Mays and Julys planted tanks. Its also a pleasure to finally have a sample of the 'Singapore School' of fishkeeping which, based on the examples Ive seen in their several great websites, must be very well developed. Owned by the talented hobbyist Chu Chong, this large setup combines the serenity of a broad, carpeted mid-to-foreground area with a touch of powerful contrasts in the background, to form a very pleasant display. The tank is a commercial Jewel Rio 400 (150x50x60 cm), which comes with a built-in 1500 L/h filter, and has received a Fluval 304 and a powerhead for extra filtration/circulation. Lighting is composed of 6x40W fluorescent tubes: 2 Tritons, 2 Arcadias and 2 Coralife 10000Ks. The setup uses a commercial CO2 system: Dennerle gauge with needle valve, Dennerle soleniod valve, ordinary CO2 tank (2 Kg), 3 bubbles per second (Dennerle counter) diffusing through a Dennerle style reactor (Taiwanese imitation). The substrate was made with 25 Kg of Greenmore fertilizer (about 3 cm layer), covered by 100 Kg of natural gravel (8-15 cm). Note that a thick layer of gravel like this is good not only for creating a rich, anaerobic substrate, but also brings down the effective water column to about 50 cm to help the carpet plants. Further fertilization is done with Flourish Tabs, Flourish Iron (5 ml twice a week) and Flourish (2 ml twice a week). a 40% water change is done every week.

The plant population includes: Eleocharis acicularis, Riccia fluitans and Glossostigma elantinoides (foreground); Ammannia senegalensis, Aponogeton boivinianus, Bacopa caroliniana, Nymphaea lotus, Limnophila sessiliflora, Anubias nana, Microsorum pteropus and Microsorum pteropus var. 'Windelov' (middleground); Lindernia rotundifolia, Vallisneria sp., Vesicularia dubyana on driftwood (background). Among the community fishes is a beautiful group of Altum Angels, plus a SAE, Otos, Amano shrimps, Clown Loaches, Cardinal Tetras, Rummy Nose Tetras and Lemon Tetras.

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Photos taken by Chu Chong and displayed here with his permission.

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