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September '00 Week 2

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Photos & Descriptions

csaba1.jpg (43kb)

September '00 Week 2 - Csaba's 540 Liter Mbuna Tank.

The power of backdrops! An often overlooked aspect of a setup, it is not only responsible for hiding all the ugly wiring and tubing behind the tank, but especially to "set the mood" of the setup. This is particularly advantageous in cichlid tanks where only rocks will be used as decoration, and this week´s tank is a great example of the impact a well chosen backdrop can cause. Owned by Görög Csaba, a novice Hungarian hobbyist, it was set up in July ´00 and is his first aquarium, which makes the result even more impressive (how many of us had a tank like this only a few months into the hobby?). It uses a commercial acrylate(?) background that simulates a Lake Tanganyika rift. The cichlid species are a mix of Tanganyikan´s and Malawi´s.

Here are the Tank Specifications:
Size: 150x60x60 cm (540 L).
Lighting: 2x36 W Philips Aquarelle.
Filtration: 1 Fluval 403 canister filter, 1 Crystal R20 internal filter.
Gravel: Quartz Sand.
Decoration: A few rocks plus backdrop.
Heating: 1 Jager 250 W.
Temperature: 26-29°C.
Inhabitants: 4 Cyphotilapia frontosa, 4 Cynotilapia afra, 6 Labidochromis caeruleus sp. 'yellow', 6 Pseudotropheus elongatus 'Mpanga', 6 Pseudotropheus kingsizei, 6 Pseudotropheus zebra 'orange', 2 Pterygoplichtys gibbiceps.

If you'd like to submit an aquarium for Tank of the Month, just contact me.

csaba3.jpg (21kb)
Mbuna Multi-Colors

csaba2.jpg (21kb)
Background Side View

Photos taken by Görög Csaba and displayed here with his permission.

oF <=> oC in <=> cm G <=> L