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February '00

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Photos & Descriptions

aurelian1.jpg (34kb)

February '00 - Aurelian's 264 L Malawi Cichlid Tank.

Cichlids! What fascinating creatures they the point of having legions of "followers" that refuse to keep anything else. But as I've mentioned before here in this section, it's rather hard to see a well decorated Cichlid Tank, since many cichlid keepers tend to focus on the fishes themselves and set up the tanks in the most practical way to make maintenance easier. So you can imagine how I felt when I saw the picture above for the first time (it's probably how you're feeling right now): "Someday when I set up an African Cichlid Tank, THAT'S how I want it to look like!". The owner of February's Tank of the Month is Romanian hobbyist Aurelian Tutã. Regretably, this beautiful setup is no longer due to a devastating power shortage in the winter of '98. But he has just set up a great personal aquarium site, where the fishes are now eternalized. You can see a journal of this tank, high resolution photos, and a collection of HUGE videos showing the fish above in movement. A must see!

Here are a few more of Aurelian's personal comments:
"I browsed all the archives with past tanks of the month. Actually, the beautiful photos I found here gave me the motivation to start a Planted Discus Tank (the next LEVEL), which I did just recently. And now, to think that one of my own tanks could bring inspiration and drive to others, is filling me with joy."

"My fish journal is far from complete, it is just a quick translation of my most interesting notes. I compiled the contents of my website in about 2 days, but I will add more details in further updates, if the website response is good."

"Until then, I would like to add some technical info about this Malawi tank: the tank is a 264 L (120x40x55cm), the lighting was provided by one 30W Sylvania Aquastar 10000K fluorescent tube. The plants in the tank are all plastic, and sometimes I used them as territory boundaries. I had the tough luck of owning more males than females. The rocky landscape in the background is a wallpaper made by JUWEL, from Germany. The rock pile was constructed from several groups of joined together rocks (silicon adhesive). They were placed on top of each other in a modular fashion such that I could take all the scenery out of the tank for a general clean-up, and then build it up again exactly like before. The temperature in the tank was never lower than 27 C, but in the summer rose to 29-30 C."

If you'd like to submit an aquarium for Tank of the Month, just contact me.

aurelian2.jpg (28kb)
Closer View of the Gang

aurelian3.jpg (21kb)
Daughter and Father Kennyi

Photos taken by Aurelian Tutã and displayed here with his permission.

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