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My little cousin said that he has this teacher with a 475 liter tank in his class, with an Oscar named "Oscar". How original. He also has a tank full of feeders. Anyway, when the teacher stepped out for a few minutes the kids in the class thought how cool it would be to give Oscar all of the feeders and watch him kill them all. When the teacher got back he was a bit upset, so he assigned someone in charge of taking care of Oscar. My little cousin then became interested and got into fish keeping at home too. Anyway he got an "A" in his class and picked up a new hobby. He's about 7 years old and has Oscars, Discus, Jack Dempseys, and all kinds of fish. His favorites are the Angels and Discus but he likes to breed African Cichlids and some feeders too to make money for his tanks and equipment. I know that sounds pretty young, but he knows quite a bit about aquariums for his age. All he talks about is fish and aquariums when I see him, so he spends most of his time with his aquariums and reading books about fish. He can even tell me the scientific names of most any fish I mention to him and the spawning behaviors and all kinds of info.

Contributed by Alejo Perez

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