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Go Wash those Hands!

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I was recently given a fully equipped 2 foot tank which I set up as a nursery for Guppies and Platys which I always end up growing on and giving out to my father, brother and various other friends that I've introduced to the hobby over the years. One Saturday evening I had fed these small wonders on my usual mix of crushed flake, dried Bloodworm, dried Tubifex and dried Daphnia. I always painstakingly crush this up to almost dust and they thrive on it and have done for as long as I have bred fish. Sitting there admiring my handy work (as you do) I nudged my glasses up and inadvertently touched my eye. Within seconds my left eye was streaming, it went bright red and was swelling at an alarming rate. After about a minute it felt as though my eye was going to explode and more worryingly a blister the size of a pea was now developing and hanging over the lower eyelid and impairing my vision. By now I was unable to close my eye and panicking I decided a Hospital visit with all the drunks and thugs of that Saturday evening was required.

To cut a long story short the local hospital treated me for an allergic reaction to the fish food, They gave me several eye drops and a couple of Piriton and thankfully my eye was fine the next day. I have since mentioned it to several colleagues within the hobby and one guy had spent four months last year having allergy tests with no result at the end of it. He has since had it checked out and it turned out he was allergic to the bloodworm. I thought that your readers may need to know this, because lets face it how many times have we all fed the fish and not washed ours hands and without our eyes we cannot enjoy our wonderful hobby.

Contributed by Rob Taverner

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