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Mean Green Terror

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Long long time ago, when I was in junior high, I used to own a large and particularly mean-tempered Green Terror. I had a fairly large tank (50 gallons). One day I came home from the fish store with 30 feeder gold fish. I don't know if it was a brain-fart or just plain stupidity, but I had this bright idea. I decided that if I dumped all of the feeder fish into the tank all at once, that the Green Terror would only eat until he was full and save the rest of the feeders for later. That way, I wouldn't have to bother feeding him for a week or so. Well, I dump them in and he immediately ate 4 of them. After that he settled down so I figured everything was cool and I left to go do something else. Several hours later I returned......yep, you guessed it, they were all dead. It turns out that my Green Terror was also a serial-killer. He wasn't hungry, he didn't eat anymore of the feeders, he just killed them all for fun. I had to net all of the dead feeders out of the tank, they were already starting to grow mold. So guess who got to eat fish-pellets instead of live feeders for the next two weeks :)

Contributed by Steve Lin

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