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Super Swordtail
Another survivor against all odds.

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I have a 110 L aquarium and I was about to move to my new house, so I cleaned out my aquarium and noticed I was missing my one swordtail. I looked on the floor and everywhere and couldn't find him. I took out all the gravel and everything. Then we moved about a half hour away. So I filled up my aquarium and everything, and a couple of months later I cleaned it out and windexed the whole thing except for these 3 plastic squares that made sure the glass wouldn't get scratched, but they were wedged in the bottom so I couldn't do anything about it. I let it sit out for 2 hours so it could dry, then I filled it up and everything was good. Three months later I cleaned it out and I somehow pulled out the plastic sqaures and swore I saw something, so I searched the grass and, sure enough, my swordtail was in the grass and looked healthy! He survived in goldfish crap and ammonia for over 1 year! Stranded at the bottom he somehow fought it out and won. He is now 8 cm with his tail being about 4 cm. I haven't seen a swordtail like him ever.

Contributed by Dan Bice

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