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Super Barb

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Once I had a tiger barb which I kept in a community tank. It had a mate tiger barb and they always used to chase each other round the tank for hours. Anyway, one day they must have chased one another a bit too fast because he jumped out of the tank. I was in the next room and I heard a splash. I came to investigate and saw him on the floor. He wasn't moving so I put him in the toilet and was about to flush when I remembered this was one of my favorite fish, and he deserved a better burial. So I found a hole my dog had dug and put him in it. He landed in the hole and I turned and picked up my small shovel. I looked again and thought I saw movement. I looked closer and he was flipping just a little. I picked him up, rushed inside, put him back into his tank and he slowly started moving. I put him in my guppy breeding trap to keep him near the water surface and away from the other fish so he could recover. He still swims happily in my community tank, but there's a full cover glass so they can jump out again.

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