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My boyfriend recently got me a Comet Goldfish for Christmas, kind of as a joke. I decided I loved it and added a Black Moor to my collection. I really had no clue about fish and was learning as I went along. I decided to start a tank collection and get rid of the 5 liter bowl that I had them in...I got a good sized tank, not too big, but big enough for my fast growing Goldfish. I named the comet one (gold from tip to tip except for a white border on his fin) Cheddar, and the Black Moor Goggles (since his eyes are very bulgy and cute). I don't know why anyone would ever say fish don't have personality - MINE DO!! Cheddar was very bossy and domineering...very hyper and fiesty...while Goggles is a rather dumb fish and a whimp. They got along great...and I decided to add a little school of Glowlight Tetras...they were all happy enjoying little bunches of plants and fresh water...when the light on my tank went out. I settled for a little lamp, removed the lid, and extended its neck to above the tank. My Comet had been a little lethargic and I asked my mom to keep an eye on him while I ran some errands. I'm very attached to my comet being my favorite - the biggest, the prettiest, the friskiest, and the funnest to watch. I came in and talked with my mom about this and that and remembered my fish...and asked how he had been doing. She had been in to check on him a couple of times and said he seemed alright, but had been resting behind the plants most of the day. We both went upstairs to my fish tank. I set my stuff in my room and returned to the tank and my mom said, "he must be hiding, I don't see him." I looked too and my mom said, "I don't think he's..." and just as I took a step closer to the tank we both heard this CRUNCH! I lifted my foot and there was my squashed comet on the ground! I screamed and started bawling. She had to clean my comet off the floor (and my shoe) and calm me down. Apparently, for whatever reason, Cheddar jumped out of the tank and landed on the floor. KEEP YOUR TANK COVERED!! Goldfish aren't supposed to jump...but I guess the friskiest ones do!! My boyfriend got me another comet (although I've not seen any nearly as pretty as Cheddar)...and he seems to be happy in my (covered) tank :o)

Contributed by Valerie Martin

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