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Sponge Passion

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One day, I was cleaning my tank, which has 5 zebra danios and 1 betta in it, named Gary. As I dipped my algae scraper into the tank, my betta came out of his resting place from his afternoon nap. He floated there for a few seconds, then rushed at the scraper. I pulled it out in time, and he stopped just stayed there staring at the surface. So I slowly dipped the scraper back into the water. Next I watched Gary's reaction. He started to swim slowly in circles around it, and then he suddenly rushed at the sponge. This time I left it there and watched what he would do. He pulled on it so hard that it came off of the frame! As it sank slowly, he continued to bite at it. Today he won't let any fish near the sponge, which is still on the bottom of the tank after 2 years! He even attacks my hand when it gets too close! He's one fierce protector...

Contributed by Chris Keefe

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