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When I was eight, I set up my first pond. It was an old plastic wading pool. Over a period of twelve months about twenty goldfish lived in it. One was a comet called Church Bells which I bought from the local petshop. About a week after I bought it our cat pulled the wire covering off the pond and fished it! Then, for some unknown reason, she dropped it back in. When I looked into the pond it was hiding under a rock with its tail hanging off by a tiny piece of skin!!! I lifted up the rock and it didn't move, so I went into the house to get a jar. When I got back it had gone! It was hiding under another rock! Amazingly it didn't die. Its tail healed, but it always swam with a wiggle after that. It was then the slowest and weakest fish in the pond, but it still managed to survive another attack from the cat, when all the fish exept it and a few others were killed. It also survived overcrowding, overfeeding, and having the water changed once a week and the pond being washed with soap! Finally, a year later, when I was changing the water it disappeared! I think it must have got tipped into the laneway with the dirty water!!!

Contributed by Miss Fishy

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