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Fishkeeping saved my life
This time it's the owner who survived thanks to his fish

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I work as a truck driver. A long time ago, I had a regular license and drove a mattress delivery truck for very little money. I decided to try being a school bus driver, for which you have to get a commercial driver's license (CDL). Because of the anti-depressants I was taking at the time, my urine tested positive for drugs. Seems there was something funky and part of the specimen went through a bunch of tests. On the questionaire, it asked if you were being treated for depression. I said no and was fired for being caught in a lie on my medical exam. So I drove the mattress truck for a while longer.

My doctor at the time said that so long as anti-depressants were in my system, most likely I was not going to get my CDL. I also had therapy every two weeks, but off my meds, my depression got very deep within a week or two. My doctor suggested a hobby as therapy, so I started keeping fish about 15 years ago. I really became obsessed, but I was able to get off meds. I was able to get a CDL and a better job. I got a girlfriend (first one in six years) and we've been married 12 years now.

I still see a psychiatrist every two weeks (my old one retired about 4 years ago), but having a pet really turned my life around. You hear about people getting better because of cats and dogs. For me, it was fish!

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