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The Rebirth of Bob

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It was just last year when one of my three cory catfish (named Bob) went to fish heaven. Now I was rather sad with this affair, as was my 11 year old daughter, Jaclyn. To relieve some of the pain, the next day we set out to the pet store for a new fish. Soon we returned home with a new red betta named Ruby. After our new fish was aquainted with his new tank-mates, I left my daughter alone watch the fish. (Y'know when you have an underground filter, there are the two transparent plastic tubes, one on each side of the tank? Well when I type "tube" that would be what I'm referring to). Anyway...minutes later I heard my daughter calling to me, rather excitedly: "Mmmooommm!!! There's a fish in the "tube"!!! I ran into the living room where our fish tank is, worried that our algae-eater (named Smooch), had accidentally gotten trapped. But instead I find Jaclyn, staring into the tank, at a tiny little catfish, around two centimeters long (and was rather pink), swimming up...and down...and up...and down. I immediately opened the "tube" and the frightenred cory swam out free at last...I hate to think how long the poor fish was under the filter. An egg from my other catfish must have been fertilized and fallen under the gravel, into the filter...but anyway...since then the little cory has been called Bob, named after his deceased father. Bob is alive and healthy to this day...

Contributed by gynkogyrl

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