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Rebel Clown

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One day, not long ago, I got two Clown Loaches. When I got the net to put them into the water, after acclimating them, one of the loaches went right into the net and happily went into my tank. As for the other one, he wouldn't come. After about 10 minutes of fishing around in the bag, I was extremely frustrated and I decided to just pour the bag over the net into the sink, hopefully catching the loach as he poured out. It sounded like a great idea until I started pouring. I accidently dropped the bag, and everything went down the drain, including the poor little Clown Loach. I was shocked at first, but soon I unscrewed the drain like a madman and got the horrified little loach before it was too late. To this day, he lives happily with his two other loach buddies in my tank!

Contributed by Dan

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