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Himalayan Diver

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Well, today was spring pond cleaning day. I had the pleasure to wade around in 1 meter of water, skimming muck from the bottom, and pumping out about 2000 liters of water, then cleaning out the filters and replacing the plants and so forth. Just the general thing. Today was such a nice day I decided to let the pet crew out of the house: 8 Himalayans, 2 Pugs, and a dopey looking Berenese. Maxy (berenese) was in the middle of the pond, helping. The Pugs were begging to get back into the air conditioning. And the Hims were being their usual evil selves. Anyway, there's this log that sticks out of the ground and hangs over the pond. Well, one little Him named "Go-Go" decided the log was the royalty delux of all scratching posts ever. She climbed her fat little self up there, no easy task for a kitty as wide as she is tall. She walked over to the edge, sat down and looked down at the "idiots" wading in the pond like "Ha ha look how superior I am". She took notice of the Koi huddled in the corner beneath the limb. She croutched down and sprung. Landing right in the middle of the pond! The Koi didn't know what to think of that, and she started swimming for it. The Koi were following her in hot persuit. Imagine having 5 60 cm long Koi on your tail! The poor dear couldn't get to safty because of the wall around the pond, so I took my now nasty pond net and scooped her out with a bunch of muck too. As soon as she got out, she took off walking, shaking a foot every step. Then Maxy got out of the pond and went over to help her "clean", he slurped her a few times and she took off behind a flower pot and dared anyone to come around her.

Contributed by Lynn Smith

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