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Brilliant Parents!

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I have a pair of Pink Convicts that I set up in a 75 L tank/home. Well I did not think about removing the under-gravel filter (I did turn it off) until we already had wigglers. Daddy fish had only dug a couple of nests...needless to say they managed to all wiggle under the filter. Mommy fish figured out where they were and started to frantically dig and dig. When she couldn't get to them, she then figured out that the poles went down...and tried to push, break, and swim to her babies. We decided to do an emergency removal of most the gravel and the undergravel plate. Instead of biting us like they usually do when they have babies and we go into the tank, they actually just stood back and waited as we scooped out most the gravel. We then grabbed the poles and started to lift up the floor. We got it up about an inch and both parents immediately dove under the floor to find their babies. They started to take mouths full of the crap that was under the filter and sift it with their mouths...spitting out babies in a little clean spot daddy made. We didn't think they would find many in this mess, but left the light on all night for them and their peace of mind. We woke up the next day and to our surprise, these wonderful parents had found 153 babies in this mess and had it all cleaned up! Sheesh...I can't tell you how impressed I was with these brilliant fish! I don't think I really appreciated the extent of their intelligence and parental instincts until this night.

Contributed by Richard Sherwood

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