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Not now Honey, my swim-bladder hurts!

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My male cherry barb always has sex on his mind and constantly harrasses the two females. The larger of the two, Big Mama, has obliged on one occasion and they spawned in a planted corner of the tank.

Now, however, tiring of his constant drive and learning that she cannot out-swim him in his aggressive advances, she has devised a new escape method--she just plays sick until he loses interest and goes away!

As soon as he puts the chase on her, she stops dead and floats sideways. When I first saw this I thought, "Oh no, Big Mama is dying!" But no, as soon as he leaves her for dead she rights herself and goes on about her business!

I witness this almost daily, and laugh as it works every time. If only the other female were smart enough to mimic this behavior. She continues to try to out-swim Mr. Cherry, and gets chased continually as a result.

Contributed by A. L.

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